08/10/2015 #отчеты , #реклама

UpCamp is the English camp that is already carried out the second year. It's worth noting that now it's the only similar project in Ryazan and, generally speaking, it is very good. There are experienced teachers in the camp, native speakers from America go there, moreover, the organization is controlled by our friends (besides, it's not the only project of such a type for them. For example, there exist the TekhnoLes (High-Tech Forest) and the Ski Camp). Herewith, all of the actions happen in the pine forest. We visited the summer camp for a few days and made this video.

***(версия статьи на русском тут)***

1. Guests of the camp are met with the flag which is festively backlighted by sunny reflections among pines.


2. The tourist camp on the territory of which there was the UpCamp contains a little bit graphic arts of last decades. The reference of quality of drawings to their shots' distance is pretty interesting (a man with the ball and a man with the sheet of paper, for example). The red arrow is OK too.

сосновый лес аэросъемка с воздушного шара

3. Something always happens in the camp. In the photo:
a) the head of the camp's program Nikita Astakhov brings combined wooden triangles of defferent sizes.
b) the director of the camp Alexandr Shiryaev is observing this action with interest. 
c) while the dog is walking on Natasha
d) while Yulya is writing (we don't know exactly but probably) an essay.


4. Various cardboard (and not only cardboard) things are put and set all over the territory of the camp.


5. Of course, there were prompt comments from visitors. The ARTIFACT — it's worth a lot. Linda (in the right) went to the camp from America, she communicated with children and taught them. Moreover, she can sing pretty well, so, we performed a part of this song to the guitar.


6. Somebody thinks about irregular verbs or just about life.


7. There was a concert on these benches in the evening before our arrival.


8. Alexander inspects the dancefloor before the foam party.


9. All of the children have already slept for a long time but Nikita didn't sleep. He would do different necessary things for the next working day of the camp till the dawn. In the morning we went for a walk among sleeping houses a little bit. After this the day was finally ended.


10. The next day an art festival is planned. There are several nomanations: dancing, songs,acting. The performances should be in English. Especially dances. There are castings with invited masters, repetitions and that's all. But a show is not a show without a decorated stage. We explicitly draw your attention to this because we also took part in the process and held an athesive tape.


11. The hall is empty now. There are coats of arms of all the crews under the ceiling (they are all named in one general English term, we should enquire this moment). The benches are in expectation. 


12. The concert is begun and then ended. That was fun.


Our visiting of the UpCamp ends with saying goodbye to pines. At the moment of publishing of this article, the autumn session will almost start (from 30th of October to 5th of November, the necessary information is on the site). If you want to be a part of the UpCamp, hurry up to register your children, brothers and sisters or yourself. Thank you for an invitation, Up!